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Double/Act fuses together a durational performance and an installation, which alternate simultaneously in two different spaces, both based on the homonymous theatre play by Eugène Ionesco.

Audience member is invited to engage with the two spaces in order to experience the complete work, which can be visited at any time for times of various lengths.

The characters of Double / Act are repressed and manipulated at the highest level, and are units of a humanity totally merged with the model. The work raises fundamental questions about how our perception of the world is manipulated by technology and the rapid metamorphosis that humanity undergoes daily in its customs and traditions. Nerves of issues are discovered, such as the dependence on the image as well as the absurdity and futility in the cyclical nature of our daily life.

The demountable body of the character becomes the representation of an inner drama of a society that has lost its identity, humanity and organic naturalness. The piece is the result of a process of hybridisation between theatre, installation and generative art.

Concept & direction: Ilaria Di Carlo

Performers: Aurora Kellermann, Sivia Sassetti

Scenography & light design: Ilaria Di Carlo

Costumes: Ilaria Di Carlo / Gesine Kaufmann

Stage management and planning: Giacomo Martucci

Stage assistant: Franco D’Ambrosio

Sound engineering & generative art: Christian Zollner

Sound operator: Lorenzo Pennacchietti

Administration: Daniela Di Carlo

Organization: Arzyro Petri

Graphic design: Adria Chilcote

Special thanks: Ralf Arndt, Priscilla Bergey, Andrea Campoli, Valentina Danzi, Antonio D’Orazio, Simona Frongia, Catia Gatelli, Rolf Sonntag.

Produced by Il Libro Nero with the support of Provincia di Frosinone/ Comune di Frosinone, / Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte/ in collaboration with the department of Aesthetic of Prof. Dario Evola, and the department of Stage Design of Prof. Quinto Fabriziani, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome.

DOUBLE / ACT  Premiered on 29- 31  July 2011/ La Casa della Cultura (Ex- Mattatoio), Frosinone, Italy.