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The Black Book of L.

Genre: Experimental/ Format: Color, 2k, DCP, BD/Aspect Ratio: 16:9/ Sound Format: 5.1, Stereo/ Lenght: 18:30 min/ Language: none/ Country: Germany 2017


The Black Book of L. is a dark tale inspired by an imaginary black book that holds all the tragic events of the protagonist’s life. A woman descends into the darkest, most harrowing moments of her past viewing them through the prism of age.


child Mia Read
woman Ilaria Di Carlo
old lady Jutta Wieser
man Enrico Ticconi


written, directed & produced by Ilaria Di Carlo
produced by l.h.o.o.q. Films

in association with
Aha Postproduction International Media Gmbh
The Post Republic Gmbh
Cine Sound Studio Gmbh
K2 Film

director of photography Mahir Duman
film composer & sound designer Martin Aaserud
music score composer Olivier Militon
editor Maryna Shuklina
assistant director Viktor Brim
production manager Rebecca Shein
production designer Ilaria Di Carlo
costume designer Gesine Kaufmann
first assistant camera Xar Lee
second assistant camera Bastian Schneider
second camera Luca Leinemann
dolly grip Christopher Vehse
costume assistant Sofie Lehr
costume dresser Elisa Nicolò
make up artist Margarete Laskowski
set dresser Charlotte Reibell
props Argyro Karatolou
mask artist Moran Sanderovich
visual effects supervisor Sascha Töpfer
special effects Martin Breine
colorist Sally Shamas
re-recording mixer Karsten Ray
dcp mastering Gunter Krüger
catering Laura Riondo
documentation Demi Anter
still photographer Jan Gießmann
graphic designer Lucie Drouin

thanks to

Bezirksamt Berlin Mitte, SAE Institute Berlin
Event Management of Technical University of Berlin
C & L Ludwig Immobilienverwaltungs-gesellschafts Gmbh
Björn Hansow, Hansow Gastronomie Betriebs Gmbh
cine plus media Service Gmbh & Co. KG

special thanks

Adam Read & Olga Dumova, Stefanpaul, Vegard Vinge & Ida Müller
Ehsan Haghighat, Kurt Baumbach, Sonsoles Jordan, Ole Scmitdt
Adrian Hollmann, Kieran Humphries, Frank Lehmann
Martina Nini Carbone, Marlene Guraieb, Vladimir Horvath

Filmed in Berlin, Germany / Shot on Red Cinema
Germany 2017 © All Rights Reserved