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Booloohoom – Nocturne I

Booloohoom – Nocturne I is a one-time, site-specific performance loosely based on the chapter “The Brothel – Circe”  from James Joyce’s Ulysses. The performance is the first in a series of “Nocturnes,” musical and performative compositions dedicated to the theme of the night and the poetic in Joyce’s work.

The piece explores the metamorphosis that Mr. Bloom undergoes during a long night in Dublin’s brothel neighborhood: a psychological and physical journey, marked by hallucinations, desires and memories.

The piece is visually influenced by imagery in the work of Marcel Duchamp, as well as the obscure and ambiguous portraits of René Magritte, which reflect the theme of the dream.

Mr. Bloom constantly changes his appearance through a narrative constructed as a dream mechanism, which follows the interior state of a sleeping mind, crossing genders, ages and the environment around him, to a place where even objects have voice and speech.


Booloohoom – Nocturne I

Concept, design & direction: Ilaria Di Carlo

Director Assitant: Valerio Marini

Visual and sound writing: Ilaria Di Carlo, Valerio Marini


Eva Ballestrem, Gesine Kaufmann, Kyla Kleger ,Valerio Marini, Charlotte Reibell

Costumes: Gesine Kaufmann

Masks, props and machines: Catia Gatelli

Stage assistant: Charlotte Reibell

Puppetry: Kyla Kleger

Sound design: Catia Gatelli

Graphic design: Catia Gatelli

Ligths: Ralf Arndt


Daniele Deserti, Ilaria Di Carlo, Catia Gatelli, Ciara Gross, Dave Hedderman,

Gesine Kaufmann, Valerio Marini, Charlotte Reibell, Eitan Schur, Talis Silde,

Panos Voulgaris.


Rei O’Buachalla, Eithan Schur, Chryssa Voulgari

Produced by Il Libro Nero © 2012/ CON IL SOSTEGNO DEL PROGETTO/ WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE PROJECT DE.MO./MOVIN’UP A CURA DI / BY Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali Direzione Generale per il Paesaggio, le belle arti, l’architettura e l’arte contemporanee E/AND GAI – Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani / With the support of Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.